Itโ€™s almost like most victims of opioid abuse have one thing in common โ€“ sheer helplessness. In my local community, I have been around fellow mothers that lament the horrifying effects of opioid addiction on their families. According to them, they have observed that two things stand out as the propelling factors among their children: early exposure to opioid substances and the struggle with acknowledging that they need help for fear of stigmatization. In some cases, their children go into isolation, followed by depression, with no one to confide in.

โ€œThis is where I believe the Government can assist. Engaging local communities and church leaders could help demystify the fear surrounding those struggling with opioid addiction. The battle against the opioid crisis has proven to be a collaborative one, therefore, youth programs should not be left out. State programs may include professional counselors who are trained to talk with our children and give them the confidence to seek help when they need it and most importantly finding the right type and level of care.