“These are examples of art created by my husband, Scott E. Kennedy.

In 2005 he was hit by an SUV as a pedestrian in NYC. Both legs & a shoulder we’re broken & 3 vertebrae crushed. He became addicted to his pain meds & turned to heroin after his doctor cut him off. He was on suboxone when we married in 2013.

In early 2019 he began taking $1-2000 out of our account monthly for “equipment & gas” but could never produce receipts. He finally admitted after a year that when he needed his prescription refilled he couldn’t get it done because his doctor was on vacation. When his doc’s partner wouldn’t call in a new script for him, he contacted his old “connection.” His connection didn’t have suboxone so he got heroin instead to tie himself over.

After confessing he stopped taking $$ out of our account, but he quit giving me his paychecks & I found out later he had all but stopped working, & was borrowing money from family & friends. He was ashamed & so hopeless he took his own life on 9/16/20. He was only 51 years old.

Honorable Mayor to be, patients need to be able to get their suboxone & similar meds when their doctor is gone, just as if it were insulin or some other necessary life-saving maintenance drug – because that is what it is! If my husband could’ve had his prescription refilled without the prospect of going into withdrawal he’d still be with us today.”